Late Summer – grounding

Late summer - grounding

Late Summer is the season of grounding. One of the lovely things about our Studio in the Sticks is that we are immersed in the natural world around us.  This is our view in Late Summer. The natural world is moving into the next elemental season.

In Qi Gong, Late Summer is associated with the element of Earth. Nature’s activities start to slow down. It is also a time of harvest and abundance. For our minds and bodies, this time of year is about grounding and balance. It’s a time to nourish ourselves. We need to pay attention to the digestive system. This is because the Stomach and Spleen are the organ meridians associated with the Earth element. The state of the Spleen is important in determining the amount of physical energy a person feels.

Earth energy gives strong muscles. Muscles that are out of balance become weak and vitality is depleted. However, when they are in balance we have a sense of stability. We are also able to feel grounded in mind and body. With stronger muscles, we have more energy. In addition, we are able to nourish ourselves and support those around us.

This is a great time to take a walk or do Tai Chi and Qi Gong outside in nature. Our wellbeing programme has a daily choice of online sessions