Autumn – letting go

Autumn - letting go ....

Autumn is the season for letting go. In Chinese medicine theory, Autumn is under the influence of the Metal element. This is responsible for the health of the lungs.  The lungs are the organ associated with clear thinking and communication, openness to new ideas, positive self-image, and the ability to relax. In addition, they represent our sense of attachment. Therefore, if lung energy is out of balance, it may be hard to let go. That may relate to people, places, or experiences. Nature shows how glorious it can be to let go. In other words, Autumn is the time to take stock and release things we no longer need in our lives.

The partner organ of the lungs is the large intestine. The lungs take in the new. On the other hand, the large intestine gathers and releases what is no longer needed. This metaphor can help us understand why this is the time to complete projects that we began earlier. In addition it is a time to organise our belongings, letting go of what we no longer need. It is also the time to take walks in the fresh air and fill our lungs with fresh healthy energy. When we breathe deeply and with intention, we strengthen our lungs. At the same time, we flood our cells and brains with oxygen. This helps to improve memory, increase our energy level, and bolster our immune system. 

“To fix something, sometimes it is beyond our repair. It needs to be abandoned in favour of devoting ourselves to constructing a new structure. There are things we can change and those we cannot. Knowing the difference is wisdom. Don’t cling. Everything is subject to change and is impermanent.”

Keni Lee Burgess

Autumn is a season for letting go and creating new space for new beginnings. Human beings are an intrinsic part of the natural world and we can experience our fullest self expression when we embody the energy of nature. In this season, the natural world gracefully lets go of that which no longer serves.

Notice how the leaves fall from the trees to the ground in a beautiful expression of release. At one point, the leaves served a valuable purpose for the trees. They absorbed sunlight and fueled growth. Now, the trees are ready to let go of their colorful leaves and let them become soil for new seeds.

Often, we are fearful of the process of letting go, even when it’s healthy and right. We may seek to hold onto things, instead of trusting that change can be an opportunity for growth.

Holding onto stress, emotional energy, physical tension, unhelpful thought patterns, and even unhealthy relationships or unfulfilling work positions can prevent us from creating the space to allow what we truly want in life to emerge.

We may not even realize what we’re holding onto. Often, life’s experiences give us emotions and burdens that we accept without question. It is important to take a step back and go inward to realize what we need to let go of. It might be an emotion such as sadness or anger. Or maybe we need to accept that a job or activity that is no longer serving us. Whether we want to release something internal or something outside of ourselves, we will have to find a way to transform our attachments.