Taiji Stick Qi Gong

Taiji Stick Qi Gong

(Taiji Yangsheng Zhang)

In China’s traditional health culture, it has long been a practice to exercise with an instrument like a stick. A large number of historical records indicate the use of a stick in relationship to body building, breathing exercises and other fitness methods in ancient China.

This Taiji Stick regiment us based on the principles of daoyin: breath control, body and limb movements, concentration of the mind and local massage. It reflects the concept of harmony between yin and yang, humans and nature. All movements involved are soft and slow. This is not a martial art, the stick is not wielded like a weapon. The exercises can be practiced as  a whole regimen or on an individual or selective basis.

In practice, we twist, turn, bend and stretch around the waist as a center and move our spine accordingly. The stick helps to stretch muscles and strengthen bones, massage acupoints, clear meridian channels and activate internal organs. If we move the stick and massage our abdomen in exercise, we can further stimulate the internal organs, thus strengthening the stick’s body-building effects.

As an extension of the arms, body motion is guided by the stick. The internal organs are moved in harmony with each other. Wrists and spinal column are rotated and the upper back and shoulder stretched. In this way, we can stimulate the circulation of qi and blood and relax muscles and bones to balance yin and yang, keeping fit and healthy.