Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book every session?

Yes. It is important to make sure you book in person sessions prior to attending because:

  • some sessions have a maximum number due to limited space.
  • others have a minimum number to avoid cancellation. 
  • if you are not booked in you won’t receive communications about the session if anything changes suddenly. 

For online sessions, your booking confirmation and reminder have the Zoom link. A new Zoom link is created for each session so booking is essential.  Please make sure you have the correct link for the session on the day.

You can book up to an hour before the start of a session.

If you have booked a session and can’t attend, please let us know.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, and well-fitting, flat, soft soled shoes that allow you to feel the floor.  Definitely NOT bare feet or just socks!
It’s best to try and avoid trainers with a thick sole, or anything too grippy.  Here’s a link to the kind of thing you are looking for – there are many more on sites like Amazon. Just be aware that Asian sizes tend to come up small – order by the foot length if possible.
Tai Chi shoes

How do I book?

Bookings are handled by our online system Bookwhen

The best way to manage bookings is through your account on the Bookwhen system, but we can book or cancel sessions for you if you wish – please let us know by email.

Once your session is booked you will receive a confirmation email with the session information.

A reminder is automatically sent out the day before your session if it’s in a physical location. For online sessions, the reminder goes out on the day.

Please cancel any sessions you are unable to attend.

What happens to my information?

We only retain your registration details while you are an active member of the programme.  Unless you have specifically given permission to retain them (i.e by being signed up for the newsletter) they are deleted when you leave the programme.  You are very welcome to re-join the programme at any time, but you will need to re-register.

Registration details are required to be renewed annually

How do I keep in touch?

Join our private members group on Facebook. You don’t need to be active on Facebook, but you will need a Facebook account (this is free). Use this link and request to join the group.

How do I pay?

At the checkout on the booking system, select your choice from the drop down menu. 

What if I miss a session?

You can book into any of the other sessions – online or in-person,  or you can make an individual appointment. You also have the videos available for practice.

How do I access the video library?

After you pay for your membership, we will send you a link to our Members’ page and the password to access the videos.

The password changes regularly and we send updates to all current members.  If your membership lapses, you will lose access to the videos until it renews.

Can you explain the recurring subscription?

The Membership is what makes the practice viable. It means continuity for us, which ensures continuity for our participants. Without it, we would have to cancel sessions that were not cost effective and the practice would become unsustainable.

It is not calculated on a ‘per session’ basis. We take the annual cost of running the practice and divide it by the number of weeks in which sessions are offered, and the number of places available. We factor in the statutory breaks and individual holiday absences. Then we divide the result into twelve equal payments. This evens out the unavoidable peaks and troughs of attendance, keeping the programme continuous. We are able to offer a generous membership package but it is essential that places are ‘filled’ consistently and payment is timely and ongoing. In our practice model, you are subscribing to a programme, not paying for individual sessions.