Winter – self care

Qi Gong, winter, self care

In Qi Gong thinking, Winter is associated with the element of water and the kidney organ meridian.  The cold dark season is a time for inward reflection, rest and restorative sleep. It is a time to focus on self care. Winter is a time to conserve energy, but not necessarily doing nothing. Like water, we can practice “fluid movement.”

 The Nei Jing, (the Yellow Emperor’s internal classic) tells us that ideally we should reduce our activity, go to bed early and get up late, “so as not to disturb the Yang at all”.  Perhaps these ideas are not possible in the modern times we live in, but please do be kind to yourself in this winter season.  

It’s important to make time to look after yourself. We can only take on so much for others without replenishing our energy – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Taking a break to do light stretching exercises such as Qigong can re-energise the spirits and improve productivity as well as relieving nagging aches and pains. The mindful movement releases those feel-good endorphins and helps keep the body strong and mobile.

Let go and relax in your practice. Take time to rest when possible and, if you can, get some good quality sleep.

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